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  | Taiwan's technology Double Ring High Speed Floor Polishing Machine

Product Name  Taiwan's technology Double Ring High Speed Floor Polishing Machine
Product No.   LD-PM-20
Size(CM)   20
  Product details :

Technical parameter

Model LD-PM-20
Working size:(inch/mm) 20/500mm
Inner plate speed:(rpm) 280
Out plate speed:(rpm) 186
Motor horsepower:(hp) 2
Voltage:(v) 110/220
Drive system: Earth & Plant
Inner plate diameter:mm 290
Out plate diameter:mm 500
Pad size: (inch) 3 or 4
Pad quantity of inner plate: (pc) 4
Pad quantity of out plate: (pc) 8
Wire length:(m) 15
Additional weight: (kg) 20
Machine weightkg 75

High Performance

Inner & outside pad opposite rotate
Inner pad& outside pad speed: 280RPM/186RPM
65Kg weight guarantee the result
20500mmworking diameter
Smooth & light operation


2HP high torque motor with low current
Earth & plant drive system
Heavy duty base
Heavy duty transport wheel

Easy Operation
Adjustable handle
Combination control on handle
Equipped with water tank & valve


Equipped with emergency stop
Rubber proof
Safety wire plug & 15m length wire Accessories
20KGadditional weight






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